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Los Altos Art and Wine Festival 2011


The Los Altos Art and Wine Festival has always been a good one considering the size of down town Los Altos. They pack the streets pretty well there. There is a lot very nice art to look at, but I don’t usually buy art.  I do however usually find some food/cooking related item that strikes my fancy at these events, but I didn’t find many vendors that interested me.

I was hopeful when seeing Chef Chu’s booth of getting some nice quality street food, but only the Chinese Chicken Salad was available.  I did get a couple nice tacos from the Tamale Factory that has been to every street event the past ten years I’ve been to.  I shouldn’t complain because at least I can always get something I like.

The good news is there were several very nice wineries there and I gladly spent my food festival budget on wine. First was a 2008 Santa Cruz Mountains Pinot Noir from Skov Winery out of Scott’s Valley. Very classic light bodied Pinot Noir, elegant but showing a lot of nice red fruit already but oak could use a little mellowing.

Thomas Fogarty Wines was there and Naumann Vineyards had some tempting selections but I went with Martin Ranch Vineyards 2007 Therese Vineyards Syrah. Another elegant wine more on the red fruit side. Got some weight and some oak flavors as it opened up, but not a big purple fruit bomb that is so common.

There were six local Santa Cruz Mountain and Santa Clara Valley wineries present and a couple nice glasses of high quality local wine was perfect for this event. If we could get more street food and local restaurants to team up with local wineries at these events the quality of food and wine would be wonderful.

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July 16th, 2011 at 2:29 pm

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