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It’s my 50th Birthday Today! Let’s grill some meat and drink some wine!


It’s my birthday, so being dubbed the grillgod oh so many years ago I’m grilling some meat and drinking some fine wine after work today.

I have some USDA Prime Top Sirloin cut in to large shish kabob chunks that I’ve marinated as follows:

Salt & Spices:

Chardonnay Oak Salt, Smoked Paprika, & Herbs de Provence

Add to Lime Juice, Garlic, Pomegranate Vinegar, & Olive Oil

Next up is some Carne Asada.  Start with nice skirt/flap meat.

Salt & Spices:

Chardonnay Oak Salt, Spicehound Mexican Adobo mix, & Smoked Paprika

Lime juice, garlic, & olive oil, then marinate over night


Finally, we have our beautiful Baby Back Ribs.

Salt & Spices:

Citrus Rosemary Gray Salt, Spice Hound Adobo Mix, & Smoked Paprika.

Rub in the dry spices then rub in lime juice.

Let them all marinade overnight then the rest is up to you.

The key to good grilling marinade is high quality salt and just the right amount of spices with a citrus juice and olive oil to provide some liquid and flavor.  I like Napa Style for my salts. They have a nice variety at decent prices. High quality smoked paprika adds smokiness and complexity and herbs de provence provides nice savory flavors.

I believe this style really brings out the flavor of the meat while still adding some great flavors of their own.  Don’t focus too much on seasoning.  Some quality salt and a few mild spices are all you need.



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